EDST Courses

Course Descriptions

The internship is prearranged on-site work experience serving in an educationally related field. Internships may be served at a variety of public or private educational services or agencies.  The internship experience must include a minimum number of practical work hours, reflective journaling, mid-semester evaluation, and final report.  All arrangements for internships not prearranged by the COEHP Office of Field Placement must be approved prior to the start of the semester by the Educational Studies program coordinator.  State of Arkansas background checks may be required for individuals completing internships at locations serving populations of minors. 

Currently supervised by Dr. Rhett Hutchins. 

This lecture provides an overview of current issues in the field of education coming out of political and legal developments in the United States over the last century.  Special interest is paid to educational legislation, case law, and global comparative education.  

Currently taught by Dr. Rhett Hutchins and Ms. CT Erickson.  

The purpose of this course is to give pre-service educators an opportunity to explore various facets of multiculturalism and their implications for future practice.  We will examine the impact of race, class, gender, sexual orientation, religion, and other aspects of social group identities on teaching and learning as they relate to contexts in multiple learning environments.  While this course is broad in scope, the primary aim is to assist future educators in exploring what it means to be an educator in a society that is multicultural, within a vast educational system (public and private) which is stratified according to multiple factors.  

Currently taught by Dr. Charlene Johnson-Carter, Dr. Cathy Wissehr, and Mr. Will Davis. 

This course is designed to offer a comprehensive study of the history of the American education system. Students completing this course will be able to document the diverse and often competing influences into what has become the public school structure, as well as, the second system of American schools, parochial schools, arising out of the schooling conflict of the 1880's.  Starting with the development of literacy skills and the formation of township or colony schools, the linage of schooling will be investigated from the late 1600's to the present time. 

Currently taught by Dr. Rhett Hutchins, Dr. Ginney Norton, and Mr. Matt Dingler. 

This course provides a comprehensive overview of children's, adolescent, and young adult literature across educational settings, both formal and informal.  Picture books, novels, informational texts, and the novelization of movies and vice versa for children and adolescent audiences will be explored. 

Currently taught by Dr. Rhett Hutchins, Dr. Cathy Wissehr, Mrs. Grace Kerr, and Ms. Jennifer Penaflorida. 

Discussion and advanced studies on selected topics in educational studies.  Special focus on recent and emerging topics in education. Junior (3000) level course offerings.  

Current rotation offerings:

  • America Reads 
    • Currently offered during the spring, summer, and fall semesters. 
  •  Education through Space and Time
    • Currently offered during the summer.  

Currently taught by Dr. Rhett Hutchins and Mr. Johnny Allred. 




This course provides a comprehensive introduction to research, methodologies, foundational theories, and philosophy in education. Students in the course learn about the nature of research, both theoretical and applied, and the process of developing future research based agendas.  Students explore historical ideas in philosophy pertaining to education and how those ideas contribute to current educational practices.  

Currently taught by Dr. Rhett Hutchins. 

This capstone course provides students with a culminating experience for Educational Studies.  The course provides an opportunity for students to develop a portfolio of their learning and to evaluate their overall program performance in preparation for completion of their degrees.  This course contains 100 hours of internship experience and will serve as the final internship experience for EDSTBS majors.  This course includes 20 hours of coursework along with the required internship experience.  This course should only be enrolled in after the completion of two EDST 3023 internship and during the student's final year or coursework. 

Currently taught by Dr. Rhett Hutchins and Dr. Ginney Norton. 

In-depth exploration of natural/outdoor education, informal education, and policy advocating in education will be covered.  Methods and techniques in the preparation and delivery of teaching in nontraditional instructional settings will be developed.  It is recommended that three hours of EDST 3023 be completed prior to taking EDST 4113. 

Currently taught by Dr. Daniel Barth and Dr. Cathy Wissehr.

This course provides a comprehensive introduction on the influences of religion in education, particularly in relation to the dynamic of religion in public education in the United States.  Students in the course learn about the nature of the study of religion, religious studies, and religious education, as well as the teaching of religion.  

Currently taught by Dr. Rhett Hutchins.